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Summary of features

Flash Card is an android application that allows people to study a variety of topics, using simple flash cards. With mobile phones, you can study on your way to work or school, while riding the bus or train, or while sitting in your living room.

We use an intelligent algorithm for deciding which cards will come up next. It is tailored to your results and your preferences. You can rest assured that the flash card application will ensure that you study effectively, and efficiently, by regularly bringing up the cards that you are having trouble with. Initially the system starts out randomly, but learns how you are doing, and adjusts accordingly.

You may create your card sets by using the CSV spreadsheet format, and copying the spreadsheet to your android device, via email, bluetooth, or a host of other methods. Usually this is done by choosing to "Save As..." from the File menu of your favourite spreadsheet application. A complete example can be found in our sample CSV file for studying french dates, times, and seasons. We also have a page describing the expected format of the spreadsheet.

Features not supported yet

Detailed Technical Description

Continue reading for a more detailed and technical description.

By far, the most important feature we have, is an algorithm for automatically forcing you to study cards that you just keep messing up on. Essentially it is primarily a weighted random selection algorithm. Whether you're studying math, a new language, or a host of other things, you can rest assured that you'll learn quickly with this intelligent card tracking algorithm. Some of the key features of this are...

Bottom line, the more you fail a card, the more often you will see it. The more you pass a card, the less often you will see it.

Some more key technical features

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